‘Gornamooyoon ngay - jowa ambooriny
gonradarrinarij booroo galla imbij’

'Good morning everyone - I want to welcome you to my country’

Ardi is a Bardi word meaning northeast. Stretching 200kms northeast of Broome, the Dampier peninsula is a region rich in spectacular scenery, pristine coast line and fascinating cultures. The Ardi region is a perfect getaway for the traveller with an adventurous spirit and a desire to experience the road less travelled.  

Ardi offers vistors white sandy beaches, giant tides, exotic wildlife and a range of unique cultural experiences that include; bush tucker and cultural tours, local cuisine, mangrove and mudcrabbing tours, fishing, whale watching and other ocean based activities. All are conducted by the local saltwater people who share a deep affinity with the region and posses a wealth of knowledge about coast, country and culture.

Our people have lived with this country for thousands of years and would love for you to experience it too. We ask that visitors respect our unique cultures, our way of life and this life-giving land we call home.  

‘Gorna arralala jardor Booroo’
‘Look after our country’